Measuring touchpoints

Measuring touchpoints makes smart business sense. 

But first, let’s agree that a touchpoint, for the purpose of this article, is defined as “a point of contact between you and a potential customer.”

When it comes to how you count touchpoints there are a host of different opinions. 

I believe, if you are being serious, you need to count every single touchpoint. No point in doing a half-hearted effort that will deliver skewered results. Right?

How I measure

I count from the first time I meet a potential client to the time they hand over their dollars or create a referral for me.

– any visits to my blog

– engagement on social media channels

– phone calls

– emails either directly or via my regular mailout (what you are reading right now)

– 1:1 get to know you chats

– connecting at a networking function or business group 

– bumping into them at a social gathering.

Think about your own experiences

How many times have you seen an advertisement, called up about it, and then not been followed up? 

Worse yet, taking time to measure up. provide a quote and then does not get in touch again to ask for the sale.

Now you might be thinking, “Oh, I don’t want to look pushy.” 

Flip this on its head and think about it like this…when you follow up you are closing the sale. Either you get a yes or a no. You have an answer and have closed the loop.

You may be pleasantly surprised, when you get a “you are on my list to call, I’ve just been so busy,” and they make a booking. It’s something that happens with regularity.

Even if the answer is no, keep in touch. 

Reasons to keep in touch

You’ve already made a connection so keep it up by having a strategy in place for staying front of mind. It’s all part of creating and maintaining the know like and trust factor.

  1. You’ve invested time, and probably money, to make the connection
  2. Circumstances change, what might be a no today, could well be a yes in the future

How do you make sure you are keeping in touch?

To your success!


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