Reflections 2021

It’s been a bumpy ride! Much of this year has passed in a blur with many ups and downs.

And yet the year ends on a high note of borders being open and family from interstate once again being able to join us here on Bribie Island for Christmas.

A highlight, and a labour of love, for 2021 has been working with Eleanor Nielsen on Internationally Abreast – Exercise as Medicine. We were honoured to have Dr Don McKenzie write the forward for the book and join us for the online global launch in October.

In June I became a regular contributor to The Bribie Islander magazine with a column Talking Business. The writing bureau within Dragon Sisters is the area with the biggest growth. Projects have included ghostwriting, editing, resume revamps and more – it’s never dull! It’s also highly enjoyable.

I have been blessed to work with incredible clients from all over the globe and have enjoyed watching their success, but it is not quite the same as face to face and being able to travel.

On the personal front

Thankfully, no one in my immediate family here in Australia contracted COVID-19 although some of my overseas very close friends have not been so fortunate.

Dad left us in January at the age of 92 – I wrote about it here.

Wayne was rushed to hospital with appendicitis in February ensuring I got my annual few nights on an annual hospital sleepover (3 days and thankfully on a fold-out bed/chair!). He was finally approved for NDIS in March. Having carers a few days a week makes such a difference. He is doing extremely well, lost a lot of weight (I think I have found it!) and is starting to be able to do a lot more although he finds it frustrating that he cannot remember how to do things that once came so easily to him.

Sasha continues working on her own writing and volunteering as an Education Officer with the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology now that school programs are once again running and we are all fully vaccinated. She is a wonderful pillar of support to me.

I’ve been working extra hard to maintain my self-care. A part of that has been joining outrigger club, Mahalo, so I get to blow away all my worries, keep fit and know I am truly alive as I paddle on the beautiful Pumicestone Passage.


As I close out the year I give thanks and gratitude for:

  • my personal health
  • my family that surrounds me
  • absent friends far away but always close in my heart
  • our island home and 2 gorgeous furbabies
  • the dolphins, dugongs and turtles who, on occasion, come to say hi when I paddle

What does 2022 hold?

That’s the 6 million dollar question!

No clue what lies ahead. I am not making any firm plans (that way there is no disappointment!), opting to go with the flow and finding moments each day to take delight in. It’s all down to attitude!

Fly like a dragon and let the next chapter which is 2022 begin!

Michelle xx

PS – I dedicate a special shout-out memory to dearest TK Kimura, a regular reader of my blog posts and a fantastic paddling friend who made every moment count. #PaddlelikeTK

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