Taking a quick look back over my 2013  Action Plan I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to tick off the vast majority of items that were written down at the beginning of 2013.

Me and my beautiful niece Alexa
Me and my beautiful niece Alex

The Camino and Vogalonga were both on the Action Plan – beautiful memories that will live forever. My visit to Spain also afforded the chance to meet, for the first time, my beautiful Spanish niece.

It may have been my first visit to the land of sangria, paella and bullfighting, but it certainly won’t be my last to this country full of history and contrast which is back on my Action Plan for 2014. Ferdinand and Isabella caught my imagination when I was a very young girl and I have to say, the country did not disappoint.

The common thread through 2013 has been the wonderful friends and family that have surrounded me each step of the way. Not a massive posse of people but true friends who are always there and can be counted on through the good times and the bad.

The planned catch up of a girls weekend away with my very dear breast friends Susan and Penny took place on Norfolk Island in November 2013. We almost did not make it before the end of 2013 but where there is a will there’s a way! Also very luck that a business trip took me to Canberra where I also managed to see my other dear friend Anna – again it was a challenge to meet, but we managed a 7.15 am meeting in  her hospital room before my conference day began.

Breast friends - Penny, Michelle and Susan
Breast friends – Penny, Michelle and Susan

My biggest issue in 2013 was lack of time for my own writing. Sure I’ve done plenty but it has been mainly as a ghost for others or boring pieces I’ve had to produce.  I plan to rectify this in 2014 and on my Action Plan is a committed to writing one blog post a week for myself on random topics that take my fancy.


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