The Power of Words by Sasha Hanton

Far reaching words

Words.  There are so many types and synonyms. The choice of one word in place of another can completely change the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. It can also change the interpretation and effect.

Lots of people these days are reckless with their use of offensive words or use swear words for novelty. There are many words that have been used or are viewed in a negative light. There are words which have had their meanings twisted and changed.

Words can be freeing or constrictive.  If all your life people have put you down or you have used self-depreciating language you may feel stuck. Changing the words you use can be amazingly weight lifting and freeing, it helps change your outlook on life.

Some words can even be life changing – like Psychosomatic  which basically means “it’s all in your mind”.  Since I learnt the word Psychosomatic I’ve applied it to some particularly painful times, so for example when I get period pain I make a point of telling myself “it doesn’t hurt”, I repeat it as a mantra and you know what it helps.

This is why it is so important to watch what we say, to be careful with what we write. Today many people post things to Facebook or any other number of other social communication websites without thinking about the impact of their words and just how permanent it is. Most individuals don’t even realise just how great our propensity is to retain the negative.  It’s always easier to think of everything that’s gone wrong rather than what is going right.

With that I’d like to end with a little warning, consider what you’re saying and think about it (is it harmful?). And for those struggling through hard times, try to embrace using positive language – it won’t fix everything but it might make it a little easier to bear.

In Australia Lifeline is available 24/7 on 13 11 14 for those in crisis

3 thoughts on “The Power of Words by Sasha Hanton

  1. How lovely to hear positivity instead of negativity Sasha. Your words show compassion and a caring and thoughtful approach to others.


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