Repeat, repeat – is it a bad thing?

My mother always says, ‘Tell me if I’ve already told you this’. At 84 and blessed to have all her children close by for the first time in many years, it’s hard to remember which child has been told what!

Mum worries about being seen as a boring old lady if she constantly repeats herself to us. True, we either get told something several times, or one of us gets missed from an important piece of news.

When it comes to business, many small business owners have the same fear as my Mum. They do not want to be seen as repetitive.

But repeating yourself is a good thing!

Here’s why:

– it’s noisy out on social media; around 6% of your social media followers will see your posts the first time round.

– email boxes are always stuffed full; meaning it’s super easy for things to get lost, glossed over, and end up in spam.

And because of that messages are not received – or are barely registered.

The benefits of repeating

Repeating your key messages means they are more likely to be heard.

For me, that topic is strategy! You need to have a strategy for getting your message heard.

Of course, you don’t want to be boring and sound like a stuck record. That’s where spending time to plan out how you will repeat your message is important.

Do you repeat and repurpose your content?

Repeating does not mean using the same message verbatim. A quick tweak, a change of image and rephrasing can make all the difference. You can learn more in the Repurposing Your Content Masterclass, which runs for 20 mins and is only AUD$9.99.

To your success!

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