Follow for Follow

Follow for follow – how often have you seen that happening in Facebook groups?

Here’s a little truth bomb. They do not work!

Why they do not work

– it’s working on a vanity metric of numbers

– it’s like a popularity contest that has no real value

INSTEAD, you need to get strategic…after all, you want results from your time investment.

What should you focus on?

Focus on what interests you. Content resonates at some level and either:

– makes you smile

– teaches you something

– makes you think

– empowers you to action

The Benefits

When you are following an account that resonated on some level, it makes it super easy to interact.

A like here. A comment there. Perhaps a share.

And when you start interacting all kinds of amazing things happen!

Think about accounts you engage with and people who comment on your own pages. You recognise their names right?

And why is that? It’s because of interaction. You value their input. You appreciate them taking the time to engage.

It starts out slow but builds. You start to recognise names and that is a two way street.

The value of an authentic connection cannot be underestimated.

A small band of genuinely engaged followers is far more valuable than any vanity metrics.

Does this make sense? Let me know in the comments what makes you choose to interact or follow.

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