Social Media & Your Business

You can love it or hate it, but the bottom line is that we need to engage in some way or another with social media on a business level.

For smaller businesses and solopreneurs, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed. Yet social media is here to stay, and by not using it effectively you are missing opportunities.

It does not have to be overwhelming, once you get strategic. But first…

There are a few traps to look out for:

1) Having a social media account and neglecting it!

It gives the wrong impression when someone decides to drop by.

A neglected account can create the idea that you are no longer in business.

2) Wasting heaps of time daily, flicking through social media looking for inspiration.

The reality is that you often end up going down a rabbit hole of exploring other ‘interesting stuff.’

3) Thinking you need to be on every platform.

Far better to choose one platform where your ideal clients are hanging out and being active there.

Do one and do it well. It is also essential to understand that each of the platforms works in a slightly different way.

Now that you know the traps to avoid, it’s time to think about a strategy to leverage your social media presence.

When you have a strategy, you have clarity

  • What to post. Your content needs to be varied and not just full of sales pitches. The 80/20 rule is a great one to follow. 80% should be informative, educative, make people laugh, and build a social relationship. 20% sales focussed.

Sure, you want to increase your business, but consider how to do this via your social media profile. Consider all the posts you see and think about which ones appeal to you, and more importantly, what will appeal to your target market.

  • When to post. It comes down to understanding your audience. That means knowing when they are online. Once you have been active regularly, check the insights attached to your account. They are very revealing. Tweak and adjust based on what information is presented. Test, measure and monitor using the insights.

If you know you are planning to have a sale, launch a campaign on a specific date, you want to start warming up your audience well in advance.

For example, Internationally Abreast – Exercise as Medicine, the book I am co-author of is coming out on 25 October. Since May, I started priming that particular social media audience even though pre-sales were not opening until 1 September. The upshot is that pre-sales are high.

By developing a strategy, you save yourself the precious time you need to build your business and serve clients.

Creating the content works best in batches. I am a big fan of batching as it helps keep you focussed and gets the job out of the way for the month! If you would like a copy of my guide on 6 Steps to Strategic Social Media Posting you can grab it here.

It’s not a set, and forget!

As a business owner, you may choose to have someone set up your posts, but it is essential to take the time to check your account regularly. 

If there is a comment, you need to respond, or at the very least be aware of the response left by your Social Media Manager.

It is through the answers that you’re genuinely connected, aware of what is happening and can be authentic when someone walks through the door or calls you based on something said on social media.

Process = progress. Nail down the process, and you’ll find yourself making much more progress, plus saving heaps of time!

If you are looking for recommendations or help with your social media, please get in touch. I have some amazing Wonder Women in my networks whom I can refer.

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