Change = New Opportunities when you embrace them and choose to adopt a positive mindset.

Changes are part and parcel of all our lives. From the day we arrive in this world, change is inevitable. We are constantly changing as we grow. Learning. Evolving.

Being in business it’s exactly the same. Periods of growth and evolution. Changing and adapting to meet the demands of the marketplace, your personal needs and those of clients is part and parcel of having a business. No matter what kind of business, it is the same for everyone.

Types of Changes

Sometimes changes are planned…other times they are thrust upon us by circumstances.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve found myself facing “thrust upon you” changes. Not exactly planned but something that had to be dealt with.

My ageing parents (Dad is 92 with Alzheimers) mean that I have needed to relocate from Darwin to be physically close to them. It was getting ridiculous flying up and down every couple of weeks, and a lot of pressure for my sister to be the only one located close by.

I needed to step up and play my part in helping care for Mum & Dad in their own home.

And you know what? I welcomed the role.

They have taken care of me for my entire life, stood by me and seen me through ups, downs and bumps in the journey of life.

It was my turn to give back. To be close by. At hand to help as needed without being asked. It’s what our family does.

But of course, this had a massive impact on my business; big changes needed to happen.

Changes needing to be managed

I’ve travelled my entire life. It’s never been a big deal for me to hop on a plane to meet clients, or to take Skype calls across time zones at weird hours.

BUT…that could not continue…and now, in this COVID world we live in, it’s off the cards totally for the foreseeable future.

So what did this mean for my business?

It meant lots of juggling and in a nutshell, a bit of a restructuring.

Spending many hours mulling everything over and thinking about what was possible in these new circumstances has been the new norm for me. Things continue to change, but having my personal strategic plan mapped out is what has kept me on track despite the challenges.

Challenges are actually opportunities to explore.


Opportunities come in many guises if we are open and receptive.

No point in looking at a door that is closed. Instead, it’s important to search for openings that lie ahead.

The result for me has been:

1) Moving further into the online market.

For the last 10 years I’ve been helping businesses move ahead by showing them HOW to tackle challenges that prevent them from moving forward.

This can be done online; it actually works out a lot cheaper than having me on the spot.

My focus is Strategic Planning with workshops being run at regular intervals through the year.

Queries are answered through weekly online sessions and via a private Facebook group. It’s not quite as instantaneous as one on one but the cost benefits make my services more affordable to many.

2) Increasing the Writing Bureau output

Ghost writing, grant writing, sponsorship proposals and of course our favourite area…

…supporting authors taking them from the idea stages to the finished and marketed product.

Never widely promoted previously, this is an area that has been steadily growing since Sasha, my daughter who is a trained journalist, writer and editor joined the team.

Coping with changes

Coping capacities are determined by mindset and attitude. Being individuals means we each react in different ways, but being in business means it’s important to be proactive.

I’m getting feedback that I must be Wonder Woman, being able to put together business proposals, deliver workshops and also deal with current family circumstances. I’m no such thing – although it is flattering 🙂

The reality is simply this – learning to be resilient, solid time management, meditation and letting go of what I cannot control. It’s a skill I’ve picked up over many years.

Today, I teach others these skills and it brings me great joy to see them moving forward.

It’s even more rewarding when we stay in touch and I get comments like the one below 5 years after completing work with Dee.

I’ve also learnt that when you are open and using a smarketing mindset, there is always an opportunity.

The opportunity often means adapting to what circumstances present themselves. Looking forward…not backward. Being grateful for what you have.

I’m extremely grateful to still have my parents and I am loving living so close by to the entire family.

Fly like a dragon


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