Making a difference – by Michelle Hanton

When I talk to people about the work that Lifeline does, people often say ‘I would really like to help, but I really don’t see what I can do that would make a difference’.  It is true that when we look at the big picture of how much there is to do in the field of crisis support and suicide prevention it is very easy to become overwhelmed and think “I cannot possibly make a difference.”


However, when we chunk things into smaller pieces and everyone plays a small part it soon adds up to make a huge difference.  For instance it is volunteers who provide as little as 2 hours a month to help with the shop, answer calls on the 13 11 14  crisis line, collect and sort through donations, cut up rags for sale  and help plan events that keep us functioning. Collectively those few hours have an enormous impact on our suicide prevention and crisis support services.

Right now Lifeline Top End is in desperate need of financial help to be able to meet the ever increasing demands on our face to face counselling service.  Very few clients are in a position to pay,  so naturally the service is provided at no cost for the vast majority.

I got to thinking that maybe,  just maybe, each of our LIKERS might consider a donation of $5. Collectively we would raise sufficient funds to allow us to increase our counselling services by one extra day a week.

A $5 donation is no more than a single cup of coffee that is quickly forgotten whereas $5 donated to Lifeline helps save lives – a life is priceless!

Lifeline’s service crosses all boundaries so if you are in a position to make a donation, no matter how small (or large) it would be most appreciated.

I’m not backward in coming forward to asking for your support because the worst thing that can happen is you will ignore me but the best thing is you might decide to get on board – and that would be wonderful!

It all starts with the individual – so, if you are in a position to make a donation, volunteer, hold an event or support Lifeline in another way I would love to hear from you and/or click here to donate-  receipt (tax deductible) is also issued at the same time.


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