I’ve just read an article on LinkedIn “To get a job, write your story instead of your resume” which prompted me to reflect on the jobs in my life journey to date that influenced how I respond and view situations today. My very first job was at the Masons Arms in school holidays – it was a very well know pub famous for it’s great food and the beautiful wooden furniture by Mousey Thompson. Although my job was working behind the bar at 15, I sometimes polished the tables, those were the occasions when I delight in finding the carved mice on each.  

It was a brilliant first job which I landed by chance. I had originally applied for a job at the fish and chip shop in the village and whilst they didn’t take me on they did recommend me to the Masons Arms instead (run by the fish and chip shop owners sister).

I learnt about team work and the importance of treating staff well. The owners, Christine and Roy Allen led by example –  they really looked after their staff, arranging for all of us from the village of Green Hammerton to be picked up and driven to work together. At the end of the night we weImagere all offered supper before the kitchen closed and then driven safely home again.

As I look back I see the lessons that have travelled with me from this very first job have been:

1) The power of making a good impression which leads to people wanting to help you and hence the referals

2) The importance of treating staff well and being a good worker – I went back every holiday to work there when I was in the UK and continued to until I left school. I loved my job as I worked for good people, they loved me because I was a good worker.

3) Don’t judge a person by their looks  – we had so many different customers from all walks of life. It was the ones least expected that were the biggest surprises.

Great lessons that I was lucky enough to have learnt right at the beginning of my working life. Lessons that have served me well throughout my career.

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