Same Same but Different

2012 – the start of a new year. New beginnings. My daughter will start a new new chapter of her life – university. Tonight is her farewell and, in line with the way things have always been done in our hourse, friends are invited to drop in. Lots of lovely young teenagers, mixed with a few of my 26 year old sons friends. A real mixed bag. They come from all over Australia, several ethnic background but not a bone of discrimination on their bodies – they have grown up in a multicultural society.

Drenched with sweat after completing my kitchen fairy duties (frying spring rolls, cooking pastries of several varieties) there was no alternative to don my bathers and plunge into the inviting, cool waters of our pool. I floated in bliss, sloughting off the aches and pains of the day and hours slaving over the hot oven. I was surrounded by the sounds of modern music, a multitude of accents  (provided courtesy of my sons friend) and as I floated, eyes to the beautfully clear Territory sky,  I realised how little things have really changed since I was 17.

At 17 I was finishing school in the UK, having been forced to flee from war torn Lebanon, and started on my next adventure – a move to London. I had grown up in the Middle East and these music remixes that I heard this evening in Darwin and the accents that surround me – are not that different from those sounds that floated through the airwaves of Radio Lebanon and the Voice of Peace. Yes, I used to go to sleep with a radio under my pillow (no Ipods in those days!)

Yes, I might be living in a completely corner of the word BUT some things never change – things like HOPE! These young people are on the fabulous cusp of their lives – family and tradition are the cornerstones. I am proud to know I have played a very small part in the lives of these fabulous young people who are proud to call themselves Territorians and Australian.

The world is indeed same same but different 🙂 and the biggest difference is that they are in what is indeed the lucky country.


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