A new week dawns and I eagerly look forward to what is ahead this week. One door has closed, that which was my day to day involvement with Dragons Abreast, and now I move forward excitely through the open door onto the next projects – which includes long overdue catch ups with my blog, my friends and my house.


5 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. Michelle, you have inspired me more than any other woman I have met. Your cheery smile, & friendly attitude never fail & you have always given more than 100% of yourself.I will miss contact in DAA with you, but hope that I will be able to follow your new pursuits through Dragons Sisters, & Facebook. I hated water sports, but your words of care & encouragement, led me to paddling & I now enjoy the paddle upriver. A wonderful & exceptionally caring woman. I am so glad that even though we had to go through breast cancer we have met & I cherish our friendship. Good luck with your new adventures.


  2. Hi Michelle, wishing you all the best in your new adventures. You certainly played an important role in my recovery from breast cancer and in my personal growth over the past 7 years of our friendship. I am very fortunate to have met you as are the 2,000 Dragons Abreast Australia members our Angels Abreast. I hope some of your wisdom, commitment, drive and determination has rubbed off on me. Today is the first day of the rest of your life Michelle – go out and seize it 🙂


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