I’m back in tropical Darwin and it’s great to be back home after a whirlwind ten days in Queensland. My trip was jam packed – family, friends, Dragon Sisters workshops, marketing projects and the land-mark occasion of Sasha (my 17 year old daughter) starting at Bond University.

My time revolved around Sasha’s orientation schedule, Dragon Sisters’ commitments, a grader fiver’s (my niece’s) holiday expectations, grandparents and catching up with friends and business associates. It was a challenge finding accommodation to meet the criteria but a roomy apartment was located at the last moment thanks to Trip Advisor at Burleigh Heads beach and fit the bill perfectly: spacious enough to set up Dragon Sisters work stations, entertain friends and family, accommodate Grandma’s nana naps and most important of all close to the university.

The quietest time of day to be at computer was 6 am before the household and mobile phone sprang to life. Except one morning when my 10 year old niece found me and badgered me into an early beach expedition. We meandered along to Burleigh Heads, took a swim, sipped a café latte at the beach front café of the local surf club, and enjoyed a sparkling start to the day. It was good for the soul. Sometimes a 10 year old knows what you need, better than you do!

Sasha’s entry to Bond was regarded as a family affair and achievement, with grandparents, aunt and even little cousin, all plying her with advice and items deemed essential. We were all eager to tour her new seat of learning and snapped photo’s like a posse of avid foreign tourists! There were last minute mercy missions procuring and delivering supplies to Sasha’s uni digs and technical call-outs to sort out her computer. Friends made offers of Mum-in-absentia support. No 17 year old has ever started their university career with a more comprehensive entourage and support network! Thank you one and all!!

Naturally the phone kept ringing and the emails continued to roll in (I’d be worried if they didn’t!). By performing our very best juggling act we managed to kept to the Dragon Sisters schedule and met commitments, even if we did often work at unorthodox hours, but if you want to go beach combing with a lively 10 year old, and attention to family, it’s a small price to pay.

I may have touched down in Darwin yesterday with my eyes hanging out of my head on match sticks, but I don’t think it would be much different if I was keeping regular office hours. The difference would be that my family would have seen far less of me and the last 10 days would not have been packed with memorable precious times.

I feel blessed to be able to enjoy my family and friends whilst doing work that I love. That has got to be the best work life balance!


PS Photos are on my Facebook page 🙂

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