A Magic Little Gift

It’s been a good day, despite Day 3 in Ronaville starting with me having to make a complaint. Room service missed me in the breakfast delivery.

10.30 and no menu via text message. Definitely not up to the usual attentive standard. I’d not noticed earlier as I was totally engrossed in my book. The growling tiger alerted me it was time for food!

I did worry that I’d worn out my welcome, but no, it’s much worse than that.

The Chief Housekeeper (aka Sasha) had come down with the flu; two RAT tests confirmed it was not COVID, but she was out for the count. The Handyman (Wayne) is more comfortable with drills that he is conversant with the room service system.

Some quick instructions, and voila! My favourite warm toast topped with goat’s cheese accompanied by proper coffee arrived.

The Next Knock

A little package especially for me.

“You’ve always said you wanted some. It might take you a while to figure them out and how to connect, but you’re not going anywhere. Doesn’t matter if it takes 2 days,” stated Wayne matter of factly.

What was he talking about?

Bending to grab my package off the floor, I retreated eagerly to inspect the mystery delivery.


Those teensy, almost invisible fancy plug things that all the young ones have stuck in their ears so they can’t hear you when you talk! And because you can’t see them you think you’re being ignored! Can you relate? I’ve been caught so often.

Now…I have a pair!!

I figured out:

  • How to charge them up. Okay, I will confess it did take a couple of goes as I did not have the L one in the charger correctly.
  • Insert them into my ears – warning of not putting things in your ear and up your nose reverberated in my Mummy & Ambo brain.
  • And, after pressing my ear in a manner that I felt was reminiscent of Uhura from Star Trek fashion…hey presto!

Magic! Connection established with my phone all the way across the other side of the room.

In response to my child like enthusiasm over how thrilled I was with my gift, from the safe distance of the opposite end of the hallway, Sasha smiled, “It’s only taken you half a day, Mum.” I think that was a compliment. I’ll take it!

Like a giddy kid, I make Sasha ring me as I walk into the only room that makes up Ronaville – the bathroom – I can talk and listen without my phone next to me. How cool is that??!!

The sound is brilliant.

And yes, I know this has been around for years, BUT it’s a new toy for me. One that has brightened my day no end.

Music & Memories

As I’m bopping to the tunes, the memories flow of where I was when I first heard a particular song. Transported back in time by the singer.

Now, whenever I wear earbuds in the future, I’ll be transported back to where I received my first pair – in Ronaville – from my thoughtful and precious kids.

A thought does flash through my head – is this how it feels to wear a hearing aid? Maybe they better start saving up for one of those.

Fly like a dragon,


PS laugh away if you’ve been using these for years 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Magic Little Gift

  1. I prefer big things that look like they’re from the 70’s! (mine are pink and white!) I do wear those skinny things still attached to a wire sometimes but don’t trust myself with ‘buds’!


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