An adventure in Ronavilla

The candlelight flickers as warm shadows dance across the room. The room is an oasis of calm. My sanctuary.

The itty bitty Samsung tablet, a hand me down from Sasha’s uni days, plays a Netflix Korean series that holds my attention as I have no TV access being “the infected one”. Apt to watch a Korean series on a Korean brand tablet. It’s lasted almost 10 years – and it did cost me a pretty penny back then!

Sitting swaddled up tight, soft grey fluffy blanket tucked under my chin I’m feeling snug and toasty, almost ready for bed.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spy a moment. Something is moving across the hardwood floor.

The flicker…of a little tail!

The blanket flies. The tablet flies. Shrieking and tumbling out of my cocoon as fast as I can untangle my legs, I dash for the door.

No, wait!

I have to stay in my room.

I’m in isolation.

This all flashes through my mind in a couple of nanoseconds.

Wayne, who’d been fast asleep, is now wide awake. My shrieking pierced the otherwise peaceful night; he knows I hate mice (and hairy spiders!). Wayne was about 4 years old when he learnt this; I traumatised him by running shrieking from the bathroom after I spied a mouse in the bathtub under his Lego. He shrieked and ran after me, unsure of what we were running from but knowing his Mummy was afraid made him afraid.

30 + years later, my reaction is still the same! But I can’t run away, I can’t get Wayne in to chase it. I need to be brave. Pull on those big girl panties. You know, the ones that should be statutory issues to all Mums.

By now, Sasha has appeared, standing a suitable distance away. I can tell you it is not just social distancing keeping her there.

Breathe. My poor chest hurts from the exertion, and the coughing starts; it’s somewhat farcical.

All lights are blazing, but the cunning little mouse is nowhere to be seen. Who knows what itty bitty hiding hole it has found. Sasha is back with the trap outside my door.

“Bait the trap. Mind your finger,” I tell myself. “You can do this”. Yes. Trap is set. Thankfully my fingers have not been slapped by the spring.

And now I am supposed to sleep??

My friend Roz gave me the sage advice to go to hospital if I experience heart palpitations; I am sure she did not mean from my night adventure in Ronaville!

Eventually, at 3 am, I doze off. No mouse this morning, no trap set off.

Fly like a dragon (and hunt that mouse!)


PS Can you tell I have time on my hands and am not too sick – thankfully!

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