The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Great post here from Erin 🙂

erin cusack

These days, everyone is on social media, and while we all make bad judgment calls from time to time, there are certain inexcusable sins.



I love a reading a good ‘airing of the dirty laundry’ post as much as the next person, but posting one is not a good life choice.  If your girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend, social media is not the place to handle it. Keep those battles offline.


Social Media is designed for interaction, hence the word social.  If you neglect your accounts, or fail to interact with your followers, you’re not participating the way you should be.  Be sure to stay on top of replying to comments and liking the posts of those in your network.


Don’t post negative things about other people or their successes.  We should all be rooting for each other.  Instead, show your support! Share posts of uplifting…

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