7 Simple, Proven Tips to Immediately Get More Out of Your Day by Michelle Hanton

Simple Team Meeting

We’ve hit November and the time seem to fly past faster than ever! If you’ve often wished for more hours in a day, I’m sharing my tips for squeezing out extra time each and every workday.

Women on Clock Image courtesy of Iosphere at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Here are my 7 top tips for getting more out of each day:

1) Checking emails – have designated times for checking your emails. First thing in the morning, midday and before I finish for the day works well for me.

If possible, shut down your email between those times. If you need to refer to information in your emails, set it to offline mode. This will allow you access to all your information whilst also ensuring you do not constantly feel the need to look at what is coming through.

When going through your emails, if there are some that you can deal with via a quick…

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