Bologna – arrived!

I took the regional train from Mestre to Bologna (E11) and arrive just after 5.30 pm last night. My hotel was easy to find and as I walked into the lobby my eyes were drawn straight to the back of the room, where wide glass doors opened onto a gorgeous green haven of a garden dotted with little white tables, offset by colourful bursts of flowers. Yes, this place should do me very nicely was my first thought.

Check-in was efficient, courteous and welcoming. I stepped into the lift and immediately knew I was in Europe again – small, dark panelled and old with not much spare room for anyone else beside me and my small suitcase. My room is large by European standards featuring high ceilings, old wood furniture and a gorgeously comfortable double bed plus tea/coffee facilities and a fridge which is not the everyday norm in Europe as it is in Australia. The fridge also comes stocked with complimentary mineral water which is most welcome and on the desk is a nice little note inviting me to enjoy a complimentary drink at the bar downstairs. Nice little touches that add to that welcome atmosphere.

Dumping my case on the stand, I moved across to the full length window and was rewarded with wonderful view of the garden and to my delight, the window actually opens !

I popped on the kettle and made a cup of tea, thinking I would have a quick cuppa as I unpacked then head out to explore Bologna. Kicking off my shoes I stretch out on the bed to sip my tea whilst thinking how fortunate I am to be here and how good my back feels, despite all the hours of being cramped in an aircraft seat, thanks to the wonderful massage at Dubai airport.

The next thing I know it is 2 am and I’m still dressed!

I am wide awake so I finish unpacking and write this little update for all family and friends at home to know what I am up to.


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