Exercising Your Writing Muscle

Exercising your writing muscle needs to be a habit. Especially if you’re aspiring to see yourself in print with a by-line.

The writing bureau, one of the business streams for Dragon Sisters, (because all your eggs shouldn’t be in one basket!) started quite by chance.

“I’m struggling to write about myself” or “I’m no good with words” lamented several clients.

A trained journalist combined with our love of writing meant it was a no brainer to grasp the opportunity crying out for attention.

Ghost writing articles, email funnels, blogs, speeches, newsletters, advertorials etc., is now the norm.

My Top 3 Tips to Exercise Your Writing Muscle

1. Stomach crunches and writing muscles have a lot in common!

Regular practice makes it way easier to pump out 20 crunches or get the pen gliding effortlessly across the paper.

Procrastination cannot be an option or you’ll never get started.

Making time becomes possible when we are passionate about something.

2. Do not worry about what you are writing

Allow your fingers to fly on their own, either holding a pen or across the keyboard.

The key is WRITING! Anything!

If you struggle for inspiration, consider starting with a short course such as Introduction to Therapeutic Writing.

Whenever you’re writing something your muscle is being stretched, just like when you are doing any kind of exercise.

3. Set a regular time to write

A few grabbed minutes in a lunch break, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night.

Be realistic about what time you have available to dedicate to exercising this muscle. Use the SMART goal setting method to be sure you achieve the results you want.

Final bonus tip

Spending time scrolling social media, reading up on tips and feeling you need “the right place/moment/piece of equipment” is procrastination at its sneakiest.

All you need is a pen and paper to get started. Simple.

Michelle xx

PS Want to join a private Facebook group for novice writers, find out more here.

2 thoughts on “Exercising Your Writing Muscle

  1. Hi Michelle,The timing of this article is perfect!Jane Frost sent me an email asking me to write a few words about my dragon boat traveling experiences. I said I would but I also panicked. I don’t know how to express myself!I’m using your article as a guide.Thank you,TK

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