Making your goals a reality

Focussing your attention is the secret to making your goals a reality.

The truth is that it’s super easy to get distracted by a lovely shiny object that comes along – ohhh…look!

And before you know it….down the rabbit hole you’ve gone!

Once you tumble down that hole it’s a whole new world. It sucks you in and time flies.

Time is your most important resource of all. Yet it’s often squandered without a second thought – poof! In the blink of an eye the hours fly past.

My personal rabbit hole experience

Although I have been in my own business for over 20 years, the online world of courses was something I ventured into learning about 5 years ago.

When I was looking at a hosting platform for my online courses, I got so confused.

I fell down the rabbit hole. I met all kinds of weird and wonderful people!

I spent my time listening to advice from “experts” – and not necessarily ones qualified to give me advice! Sucker…come on in….and in I walked!

I also wasted quite a bit of money because different ones told me I needed different things to make it all work. Truth is, I didn’t!

I made the fatal mistake of abandoning my strategic approach and instead listened to the “guru’s”. They were great salespeople!

Gaining Clarity

In hindsight, what I needed to have done was stuck to a tried and true plan.

If I’d been focussing inwards I would have written out a list of features that were important to me, my clients and students.

Instead, I focussed outwards.

Had I created my own “shopping list” based on my individual needs, I would have been able to choose the right platform with a lot less time and money wasting.

In case you’re wondering where I ended up – I finally chose to use Podia. It’s not as “pretty” as some, but it is easy to use, the right price point and has the features to deliver my courses.

Three lessons learnt

1) Focus on your own forward momentum – never mind what “others” are doing.

2) Find trusted advisors to help you explore what is right for your business.

3) Stick to your own priorities and stay in your lane.

Because I believe in paying it forward wherever and whenever I can, I’m putting together a mini-course on the basics you need to know about creating an online course – it will save you a ton of angst! Register your interest here and you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready!

Fly like a dragon!


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