Quick Personal Update

I owe many of you phone calls and emails, but it’s been a really hectic few weeks. I’ve finally got a few moments to sit down so thought using the blog would be a great way of reaching everyone at once with a quick personal update.

Dad (aged 87) was diagnosed with Alzheimers in November, so it was really important to have Christmas together. For the first time in goodness knows how many years (about 20 we think!) the whole family were together for Christmas and New Year. We are all actually in the same country for once.

The Queensland based family members, Mum, Dad, Yvonne (my sister) and Ellie (my niece) travelled to Darwin, as both Sasha (my daughter) and Robert (my brother) were working, plus I have room in my house to accommodate all. They arrived 20th December.

Darwin turned on the rain and it poured for the first week. Thank goodness for the swimming pool to cool off in, and the blessing of airconditioning or I think my visitors would have melted!20140517_181344

On Christmas Day, we were joined by my only other family here in Darwin – my cousin Cheryl, her husband Darryl and their son Jonathon. It was great to see the three young cousins getting together.

We enjoyed a very leisurely day of loads of feasting that stretched over several hours. It was very relaxing and not the least bit stressful! Exactly how Christmas should be.

Dad thoroughly enjoyed eating all the Asian foods from Rapid Creek and Parap Markets, plus the lovely tropical mangos, rambutans and pawpaw. He’s not up to going out to the markets himself these days, but loved me bringing back all the treats for him.

Mum and Dad have now headed home, but Yvonne and Ellie are still with me as poor Ellie has an ear infection and cannot fly. Bonus is we are able to spend more time together.

This is shaping up to be another very busy year – nothing new! But what is new are the changes taking place on the business front.

The new Dragon Sisters blog – which will focus on business aspects is here. Pop over and join us if you like. My blog (this one you are reading now), will continue to be my eclectic collection of news, views and ideas.

May 2016 bring you good health, great joy and success in all your endevours. Hope to catch up with many of you during the course of the year.


Michelle xx




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