Writing 101: Day 18- A map as your muse

It was indeed a fabulous week and I’m thrilled it continues to provide inspiration and wonderful memories.

the short story press

A/N: So for today’s writing 101 exercise we are to use a map as our muse, so I’ve decided to use a map of Venice, Italy


Now I’ve chosen Venice because it’s a place very close to my heart, when I was sixteen I went there with my mother for a week. It was a birthday gift from my parents and one of the best experiences of my life. So for this post I’m also going to draw on an idea that I was writing when I was in Italy.

It was a dark night and there was a strong wind blowing along the canal. A hooded figure stood on the ponte, looking out at the void as a rolling thunder cloud ventured over the city. The cloud crackled and rumbled and a flash of lightning lit up the night, illuminating the hooded figure to reveal a white…

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