Wednesday Prompt Smash: Made up words

Something a little bit different today – courtesy of Sasha Hanton.If you like her work check out her blog.

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Wednesday Prompt SMASH

Prompt: Write a story introducing made-up words whose meaning can be deduced from the story. The final sentence needs to be written entirely of made-up words.

Word Limit: N/A

“Callie, Callie?” Marcus called out for his little sister

“Hwzn?” A small, mousy girl popped her head out of a barrel.

“There you are Callie, what were you doing?”


“Hwzn does ‘wajaqd’ mean again?” It was hard to get along with someone who refused to use normal words, but Marcus was fairly used to his four-year old sister’s antics now and had some grasp on her language, Xzeear.

Callie uses her hands to cover her eyes, trying to explain to Marcus what wajaqd means without using English.

“Xzeear, does wajaqd mean something like peak-a-boo? Is it a game?”

“Srm!” She nods enthusiastically.

“Do you perhaps want to stop playing and come have some dinner?”

“Qu!” She shakes…

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