How English can CHANGE YOUR LIFE over and over again!

Aiyshah is spot on with her article with some excellent points that I completely agree with. Even as a native English speaker I am continually developing and learning new vocabulary as the English language is so rich and diverse.

The FUTURE of Learning


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I met someone last night who was a lawyer, he was fascinated with the whole learning of English thing, though he himself was a native speaker. I asked him why he, out of anyone, would have had such an interest, and he said, you and I deal in the same business…words!

He said he was a trial lawyer and that the winning and losing of a case can be simply down to the war of words, and if you are a good lawyer you will know exactly the right words to say at the right time.

I would say the same thing for those people considering getting married or having a long term relationship. Everyone knows that disagreements in relationships are normal, but the way in which you solve these disagreements all came down to …words!

When you are trying to get a job, of course…

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