Kill The Recluse in You

Nice to know Sasha and I have inspired another post.


‘Blogging 101’ day nine assignment: – Write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday.

My eighth task for the ‘Blogging 101’ course was to comment on some other blogger’s post. As a part of the assignment and because I liked the post I made a comment on ‘Appreciating the English language’ by Michelle Hanton. In this post, Michelle describes her feelings about the English language. In one of the paragraphs, she gave a link to another blog (I came to know that it was Michelle’s daughter’s blog). The name of the blog was ‘THESHORTSTORYPRESS’ and over there Saturdays are dedicated to finding new words and writing short stories related to that particular word. My comment on Michelle’s post was about her daughter’s ‘Saturday’s Word Of The Day’ program.

Here’s my post on my pigsney blog that builds on a comment…

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