Delicious delights……Spanish style

On Saturday I had to go to two supermarkets. Why? Because I needed to stock up on Earl Grey tea bags which are only sold (as far as I have discovered) at the one supermarket right across town – 20 min walk each way but hey, there’s lots to see along the way so it’s no chore. For the record the Earl Grey tea bags are more expensive than wine!

It was then onto my local supermarket (5 mins from home), for the heavy stuff (wine!), where I discovered a wonderful counter has popped up. It’s like an old fashioned lolly shop, full of a massive variety of individually wrapped little treats. It’s not self-service, so you don’t just grab what you want (even if it is the supermarket!), rather there is a very charming lady behind the counter who notices me looking. I tell her in my very poor Spanish that I have no idea what this stuff is.

2014-11-22 19.37.22_resizedShe asks me if I’m French – why does everyone do that, do I speak Spanish with a French accent? Then she explains they are all varieties of shortbread – yep, I learnt that word last week, so thankfully was able to understand. There are about 40 different varieties so I am stumped! However, this is a properly trained saleswoman who immediately sees an opportunity and suggests a small selection to begin with. I agree. Yes, once I’ve tasted, I can come back for what I like. I have absolutely no idea what she’s sold me except I also got the word almonds and wine. Yes, I like them both. Hasta luego and off I go clutching my twelve individual little pieces that cost me a grand total of E2.00 – so cheap that it doesn’t matter if I don’t like them.

Back home, shopping is unpacked, wine in the fridge and time for a cup of (very expensive) tea as far too early for wine. Ohhh…… mmmm, it is soooooo yummy. Yep I have found something new, delicious and I am sure totally fat free – (not!) to indulge in. My favourite is Rosco de Vino made with cloves, cinnamon, aniseed, sesame seeds, red wine, four and butter and dusted with icing sugar – reminds me of some of the delicious Arab style cookies. How will I resist eating too many? Just as well I walk everywhere!


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