The Time Flies…….

Time is flying since I finished my contract with Lifeline Top End a couple of week ago. Nice little send off from the Board which also gave me a chance to say goodbye to some of key people who have been so supportive and I know I will continue to be in touch with no matter where life leads.

Farewell from Lifeline Top End
Farewell – Card and Flowers – Lifeline Top End

It has since been a whirlwind round of organising my affairs in Australia to run smoothly (I hope!) while I am gone. Plumber to fix leaking taps, glazier to replace a couple of cracked window panes, suspending Medibank Private payments for period I am away (did you know you can suspend for up to 4 years?), organize banking, insurances, rates, taxes etc – all boring necessities!.

On the fun side has been last moment dragon boat sweep training, meeting up to farewell old friends – mad rush to fit everyone in but I’m making a good job of having breakfast, lunch and dinner with different people! Might resemble a barrel before I even get started on all the vino, cheese and pastries in Europe.

Final English class last Monday for my fantastic students at Melaleuca Refugee Centre – sad to say farewell to these amazing people and my fellow tutors who all give so generously of their time.

Looking at range of TESOL jobs on offer in Europe – not yet decided how long I plan to stay – my assessor has spent a year working in Milan so she was full of helpful tips and hints too. There have been couple of interesting offers in Australia but not enough to tempt me to sign on the dotted line and pledge a return date.

Three days to go and I’ll be on my way. Stay in touch with my adventures through this blog.



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