The joys of a real book

I love a real book. Whilst an e-book may be eco-friendly and handy for travellers who need to save space it simply cannot provide the same experiential value as a real hard copy book.  I am known for travelling often and travelling light but I have yet to succumb to a Kindle or similar. Why?

We, humans, are sensory creatures and, to my mind at least, reading a book is an experience that is enhanced by being able to utilise our senses to experience:

  • delight at being in possession of a brand new book that tantalises with its pristine pages waiting to be devoured
  • reverence to be in the possession of an old volume, whose well-thumbed pages, offer whispers of bygone eras and other readers who have delighted in the pages of the tome now in my hands
  • a wonderful feeling of escapism regardless of whether I am stretched out in the sun, curled up on my bed or squished into an aeroplane seat.

Through books, I am transported to exotic destinations or bygone eras… depending on what I am reading.

2014-04-27 13.28.05
               Studying before Google

I also find that when studying I have a much better retention rate when reading a hard copy.

Something about the touch of the paper in my hands helps to cement the facts into my brain.

Looking up via the internet does not have the same effect as searching manually. and reading what those long-ago academics took the time to record on paper.

Encyclopaedias were the tools of my education as a child. No need to worry about fast downloads, power outages or anything else. Books were always there as welcoming friends.

Googling makes it all too easy. You don’t even need to be able to spell properly! Is there any wonder spelling is going down the tubes?

Love to hear your opinions on which you prefer?  real book.

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