As we celebrate Anzac Day it brings me to reflect on the importance of our history.  History is a huge influencer on how we react and live in the present day. Our forefathers may be long gone but it is thanks to their legacy that we enjoy the freedom that so many take for granted.


Whilst I may be living in a free country now this was not always the case.  I was however one of the lucky ones who had a passport that allowed freedom to come and go from whichever trouble spot of the globe we were in at any given tme.

I know from personal experience that each one of us has the capacity to make a difference. To stand up and be counted. There are so many ways that we have the capacity to make a difference as individuals.

When you look around the world, no matter how desperate the situations are, there are always, without fail, amazing individuals making a positive impact in their little corners. It may not be in a huge way but small kindnesses and acts of humanity are priceless – they are as equally as important to the receiver as tossing millions of dollars into a project. Maybe even more so. Why? Because they are touching individuals that are most in need at any given moment.

Change often happens gradually . One step at a time. Sometimes it seems that no difference is being made but that is not a reason to give up.  Anzac Day is the one day of the year when as a nation we take the time to collectively and public remember the huge sacrifices made by so many men and women so that those of us lucky enough to call Australia home can enjoy our present day freedom. They changed the world. They made a difference.

Lest We Forget

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