Enjoy the moment

JULY 1 and we are halfway though the year. Hard to believe! The days seem to fly past at a great rate of knots and we are all so busy. I know I always have a zillion things on the go.

It’s okay to be busy – but only as long as you take enjoyment from what you are busy with! I am fortunate that I never really know what my day will bring – each phone call is so varied and I am very privileged to meet some wonderful people as I go about my daily business.

It’s been rewarding to read the emails this week from our workshop attendees who tell me they’ve been putting in practice the tips they’ve picked up.

The weekend is here and mine has begun with a family dinner – just the kids, myself and our dog under the table as she was terrified of the firecrackers being let off around the neighbourhood as everyone celebrated Territory Day.

After dinner I have returned to work at my desk as my projects are not quite complete but in the next room is the sound of my son and daughter enjoying a game together, a dog curled under my chair – we are together as a family and we are each enjoying what we are doing.

The message here is that we must always take the time to enjoy the moments we are in – no matter how busy or quiet we are! Enjoy each moment because it can never be recaptured once past.


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